Hur hanterar kreatören motgångar?

»When life serves you lemons, make lemo-nade«, brukar det heta. Jag har en kompis som bär på en ovanligt kreativ hjärna.

En dag fick Peter Lilliehöök, som han heter ett mejl vi alla känner igen, med det här sedvanliga, »oemotståndliga« erbjudandet:


Dear Friend,

My name is Mr William Thornton from ills & Exchange Department HSBC BANK 78, Mark sway Avenue, Leeds, SW9 9PT United Kingdom.

I would want to use this medium after going through your profile to seek for assistance in a business transaction which is of mutual benefit. A foreigner late Mr. David McGrath who is from the United State, an Oil merchant/Contractor with the British Government , until his death in a ship mishap on the 2nd of May 1999, who Banked with us at our Bank and had a closing balance of US$21.5 million, which the Bank does not know any of his available next of kin to claim this fund. To this regards, I have been directed by the board of Trustees of the bank



to notify the diseased next of kin, which I have done and found out that he has no next of kin, which means that this funds will be lost to the government,which we all know will be stolen by the British Government officials. In order to avert this development, myself and some of my trusted colleagues in the bank now seek your indulgence to have you stand as late Mr David McGrath next of kin so that the fund will be subsequently transferred and paid into your fore

On indicating your interest, all documents and proofs to enable you get this funds will be carefully worked out and we are assuring

you a 100% risk free transaction. You will be allowed to retain 30% of the total amount after the transaction. If this proposal is okay by you, and you wish to take advantage of the trust bestowed on you mail me as soon as possible to enable me furnish you with relevant details to this transaction.

Note: This transaction will only last us 10 working days. Please, disabuse your mind by not equating this, with the every day online scam that people come accross everyday,but rather treat it with the utmost level of promptness and confidentiality.

Best regards,

Mr William Thornton


Min kompis, som hade haft en slitig arbets-dag, reagerade på ett ovanligt sätt. Istället för att bli sur kastade han sig på tangentbordet och författade följande svar:


Dear Mr. Thornton.

I am so glad that you found my profile satisfactory. I am however very ill in my woodenleg that I just recieved after my