So you want to be number one?

What does it take to be a leader?

What is the one, single quality that sepa-rates the mediocre, self-declared leaders from the true leaders, such as Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Steve Jobs and Ingvar Kamprad – people who actually changed things?


Now, what is the true source of inspiration? Where does it come from?

Smart people?

Not necessarily.

Does it emanate from risk-aware cultures?

Not very likely.

Does it come from the nice and humble?


Does it come from the safe and sound?

No way.

Inspiration always comes from the bold and the daring. Why? Because they dream of things that others find impossible, wrong or downright silly.

They are fearless of being depicted as failures, of being ridiculed, of being rejected, of being embarrassed, or being played for a fool.


Ask yourself four questions.

There are four questions that are essential for success as a leader whether you operate in a corporation, or in a political party, or in media.

What are you doing?

How are you doing it?

Who are you, and who are you talking to?

And why are you doing this?

Take a look at the picture on the next page. 97% of the world’s population gravitate towards the question on top.

Is this because it’s the wisest thing to do?

No, truth is it’s because this is the easiest question to answer – whereas successful leaders are more attracted to the questions at the bottom.

The reason for this is quite simple.

We live in a world where the majority tend to like things that they can see, grip, grasp and drop on their feet, while true leaders are attracted to the opposite.

They seem to like things that are more abstract. Stuff that’s meaningful. Questions that are much, much harder to answer.

It’s like the popular iceberg metaphor.